Updating new fields in crystal reports

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The report will probably run, but what will happen may depend on the database.It may be fine or it may truncate those fields, or it may even shift all fields over 10 characters.well it doesn't get replaced and that's where i need help. can i ask why the name of the data source didn't change to the stored proc and is there any way to change the Table name value to reflect the stored proc name? It can get to be very confusing later as you go back to work on these reports.

You may want to add in a suppressed Report Header A (visible in design mode) that clearly states for you or any other future designer some text like 'updated sources which required looking at the data source properties'.The Salary min values are coming in as an internally formatted string of numbers, no decimal points. hi, iv got an existing report that uses a view as the data source.POSPAY_SALARY_MIN column in my report, based on the value of another column. So here is the logic I am trying to duplicate, so far with errors.

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